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    Our TV2GO Teleport specializes in Occasional Use. Our focus is purely on international high-end broadcast news and sports, rather than full-time services, internet or telephony. We offer HD and 3D transmissions.

    We can directly reach the Middle East, Moscow and all of Europe.

    Every broadcast feed that passes through here is recorded for backup. If a customer needs a re-feed we can do it from here at the teleport. No need to keep your production truck and crew working on location.

    Award-winner TV2GO was the first in North America to offer Frame Rate Conversion, switching North American High Definition to the European standard and back again.

    We do things that no other teleport can manage, like re-mixing Dolby Audio to remove commentary or re-assign channels. Like multiplexing MPEG-4, MPEG-2, standard definition and high-def all at the same time on the same stream.

    Encryption? No problem.

    Surround sound? Any Dolby flavour you want. We support them all.

    TV2GO is constantly pushing the technical limits with ongoing research and development. We were in the vanguard of DVB S-2 and MPEG4. Today TV2GO is doing pioneering work in advanced modulation strategies like 16 and 32 APSK. This allows huge data rates in skinny space segments, thus saving a lot of money for our clients while keeping the amazing HD quality .

    For fibre connectivity, we offer Bell, Telus, Aldea, Genesis, AllStream and Cogeco in our router plus a OC-48 direct connection to The Switch. Through them we can connect to Vyvx, Arqiva, BT, Tata and the rest of the international networks.

    Big names trust TV2GO with international distribution of their major events : The NFL and Super Bowl, The Masters, Indianapolis 500 and the Kentucky Derby. We do it all ! Year after year ! With the latest technology ! Our clients know we stay way ahead !

  • Copyright © TV2GO Inc. 2019

  • Copyright © TV2GO Inc. 2019
Jodi Finley
Technical Account Manager
Thomson Reuters

"Flin Flon – I hired a satellite truck and engineer from TV2GO for an event in Flin Flon, Manitoba. TV2GO was able to join a client production meeting at short notice when the client was panicking about how the event was coming together. This eased their nerves and we were able to move forward. When the AV company didn't bring the proper switcher, we were able to use the TV2GO satellite truck's switcher by removing it out of the truck and setting it up in the venue. This in essence saved the show and our client was ultimately happy with the end results.

Walmart – I hired TV2GO to manage the April 11 & 12 Walmart event that occurred in Toronto. This was a large scale event with constant changes throughout the planning process and set up which I found the TV2GO team very responsive. They were able to adapt to anything that was asked of them and the client had a great experience as a result.

The Thomson Reuters team commented on how impressive the set up was and how much they appreciated working with the TV2GO crew. This is a big accomplishment since our onsite team works with crews around the world and knows a quality team when they see one. Thank you for making this project a huge success - perhaps Walmart will want to do another event in Toronto soon!"

Dario A. Boronat
Executive Director Production and Broadcast Operations

"To Nathalie at TV2GO: thanks again for all the help, always a pleasure to work with you guys.

Wish I had 10 trucks like yours in the states and 20 operators like Faisal!!!! It would be a perfect transmission world! August 28 we do it all again.

Oh and the guy, Tushar, that was helping Fisal is also very good and a real nice guy!"


- Four fully-integrated Final Cut Pro 7 suites
- Fully collaborative server-based system
- Edit in HD ProRez 422 HQ
- Highly-qualified and experienced staff editors
- Compose 3D graphics in Motion
- Full Audio mixing for broadcast
- HDCAM printed masters
- XDCAM 422, XDCAM EX-equipped system
- Over 14 Terabytes of storage on Raided Storage
- HD Closed Captioning

  • Documentaries

    - Prime time programming
    - Trusted writing, direction, editing
    - Deadlines and budgets always met
    - Live HD webcasting via satellite

  • Sports

    - Hundreds of TV sports shows
    - Very experienced crews
    - Both 'live' and edited broadcast series and specials
    - Live HD webcasting via satellite

  • Corporate

    - Press Conferences
    - AGMs
    - Events
    - Corporate Videos
    - Live HD webcasting via satellite

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